Glut of Units in Brisbane Inner Suburbs

Brisbane’s inner-northern suburbs is predicted to be hit with a huge Unit market downturn as many developments come to a finish this year. Many developers have entered the market all at the same time & as a result there is a very high number of Units for sale in the city & CBD fringe such […]

Apartment Development in Brisbane Aimed for First-Time Home Buyers

A project for developing modern apartments is planned in inner Brisbane which is designed to attract upcoming professionals looking for their first home. R&W Projects is scheduled to officially launch the latest project by Lantona before the end of June 2016 where the apartments are pegged to start selling at $389,000. What Does the Project […]

Your Guide To Building a Swimming Pool

Don’t even think about diving into a brand new swimming pool construction project until you’ve worked out all of the fine details for maintenance, size, and the time it will take to complete the project. Do Some Recon for Testimonials A solid place to begin the planning phase of your swimming pool project is to […]

Brisbane’s Apartment Surge May Spark Better Night Time Economy

If we follow the impact of Brisbane’s historic new apartment construction on city culture, there’s a good chance the Queensland capital could finally eliminate its ‘Dead After Dark’ persona. Will Brisbane be known in the future as a ‘Seven Day City’. According to Matthew Gross, National Property Research managing director, it’s a possibility. A Boost […]

Is Apartment Living the New Aussie Dream?

Can Guess what the fastest growing demographic in Australia is? Well it isn’t families with small children. It’s households with a single person who is looking for a fabulous apartment instead of a single family home. A few years ago, many of the growing demographic was families looking for detached homes with a yard for […]

Buying at Auction in QLD

Many homeowners in Queensland choose to sell their homes by auction. There are several advantages to both sellers and buyers by selling at auction. But there are also differences in the procedures of sale when a home is sold at auction instead of on the market. New laws in Queensland implemented in 2014 have tried […]

Maintain Your Home Insurance During the Selling or Buying Process

Whether you are buying or selling a house, it is important to keep building insurance current until the final settlement of the property. In Queensland, the risk in a property passes from the seller to the buyer when the house is put under a standard REIQ contract. The Real Estate Institute of Queensland is the […]

Buyers Thinking Outside the CBD Circle

Brisbane’s CBD may have crept up so fast on people within 5 kms of the Brisbane GPO that the entire area could be soon considered the CBD. Property investors have now begun looking on the fringes of the 5 km ring as CBD creep makes them more comfortable with mid-ring suburbs. The market is hot […]

3 Property Inspection Tips that Could Save You Thousands

House shopping is different from any other consumer experience. You may spend weeks, months or years walking through one home after the other, and even the most beautiful ones don’t feel quite right. The suburb is too busy, the kitchen is too small, the bathroom is outdated or the garage isn’t wide enough. When you do walk […]

Building Defects A Major Concern For Unit Owners

According to a recent survey, low-quality buildings and structural building defects have become a serious concern for Australian apartment owners. The survey which involved apartment living in strata-titled properties was conducted by Christopher Guilding, a professor at the Griffith Business School of Griffith University in Queensland. Based on the results of the survey, Professor Guilding […]