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As independent building and pest inspectors, we strive to provide accurate and honest information. A pre-purchase building and pest inspection can detect problems not obvious to the untrained eye. Schedule your inspection with us at Building and Pest Inspections Brisbane.

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Our mission at Building and Pest Inspections Brisbane is to perform high quality, thorough Building & Pest Inspections & provide detailed, accurate & unbiased reports to inform our clients with the knowledge they need to make a correct & informed decision when purchasing their property.

Our aim is to offer the best service to my Clients by going beyond what is required and giving the Client all the relevant information so they can be confident in their buying decision.

All Building and Pest Inspections include the use of a:

This technology along with years of experience aid in locating various moisture issues, rising damp, water leaks and termite activity.

As Your Inspectos, We Can Provide:

Understanding the Building
and Pest Inspection

Brisbane has the experience to provide knowledgeable advice regarding structural issues & Building defects based on a very thorough examination of all accessible areas which include:

With a thorough & detailed inspection from a trusted inspector, you can feel confident to make the right decision when purchasing a property.

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What We Check in a Building and Pest Inspection

Building Exterior Inspection

Our building and pest inspection service in Brisbane includes building exterior inspections. We will examine the house’s structural condition from top to bottom. A building inspection report can tell you whether you’re making a good purchase for your next home or investment property.

Structure Lines and Level

During the exterior inspection, we’ll survey the lines of the home from a distance. We’ll visually inspect the walls and roof for unevenness, bowing, or sagging. It’s important to check the level of stumped homes, as settling of the stumps can affect other parts of the structure.

Stormwater Drainage and Water Damage

Stormwater connections and roof water downpipes require an inspection for damage or leaks. We will look around the home for signs of ponding water, seepage, or inadequate drainage.

Brickwork and Stumps

The brickwork on slab-on-ground brick veneer homes provides valuable information. While brickwork in modern homes provides cladding, it also serves as an indicator of structural movement. Movement may cause gaps between the brickwork and door frames or windows.


With significant building movement, gaps may develop between the brickwork. In some cases, a home’s concrete slab floors may subside or heave, causing cracks.

If a building has concrete stumps, we’ll check them for movement, dampness, or cracks. Concrete stumps exposed to damp conditions will cause the steel reinforcing bars to rust and blow out. For homes with timber stumps, we’ll check for termite infestations.

Subfloor Inspection

Subfloor Inspections help find hidden underlying defects that may impact the home. Our Building and Pest Inspections in Brisbane always include a comprehensive subfloor inspection.

Examining the subfloor of a home will help you make an informed decision. An inspection can reveal moisture-related issues, drainage problems, inadequate structural support and wood rot. A well-maintained subfloor will have fewer defects and issues.

Water Damage Check

Many older homes lack subfloor ventilation. Damp conditions may lead to steelwork and masonry damage, affecting the home’s structural integrity. Termites and wood borers thrive in poorly ventilated subfloors.

Wood decay also attracts termites that can severely damage stumps below ground level. We’ll inspect masonry or timber stumps for dampness and decay. Then, we’ll examine the subfloor area’s pipes, as leaks cause mould and building degradation.

Finally, we’ll inspect the underside of the floorboards for fungus, decay, or pest damage. If you have pine floorboards, we’ll check for wood-boring damage.

Squeaky Floors

Many properties have squeaky floorboards which can lead to problems. A squeaky floor indicates improper attachment to the joists.

Roof Void Inspection in Brisbane

A comprehensive building and pest inspection should include roof void inspections. It’s important to check the roof to ensure that the materials can effectively keep water out. If the roof void does not allow physical access, your home may have a manhole entry to the roof’s interior.

Building and Pest Inspections will inspect your roof void interior using a bright LCD torch with a wide beam. We’ll use a moisture meter to check walls in wet areas for termite damage.

Old sheet metal roofing needs an inspection from under the roof. We’ll check for moisture buildup on the underside of the metal sheeting to prevent corrosion.


What Does the Roof Void
Inspection Check?

What Does the Roof Void Inspection Check?

1. Roof Condition

We’ll check the roof void for deflection, sagging, or water leaks. Damaged roof tiles or roof structure deterioration will require repair. It’s not uncommon for older homes to have worn or cracked tiles.

2. Roof and Loft Insulation

The inspection will check the insulation’s condition and effectiveness. A properly insulated roof and loft will prevent outside air from entering and reduce your heating and cooling costs.

3. Check for Termites

A termite infestation causes structural damage and unwanted repairs. We use thermal sensors and imaging, the Australian standard for termite inspections.

4. Inadequate Downlight Protection

If your home has protections installed, we’ll check them to eliminate fire hazards associated with inadequate downlight protection.

4. Inadequate Downlight Protection

If your home has protections installed, we’ll check them to eliminate fire hazards associated with inadequate downlight protection.

High-Rise Unit Building Inspections

Before buying a unit in a high-rise building, contact us at Building and Pest Inspections Brisbane to perform an inspection. A unit inspection will identify defects, structural issues, and future costs. The inspection takes less time and allows you to make a sound purchasing decision.

Our high-rise unit building inspections cover the unit’s interior and exterior (where accessible). Units may have problems such as wood decay, cracks, leaks, and broken tiling. Alternatively, building movement can occur due to natural settlement, poor workmanship, or low-quality materials.