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Noel Milne | Building and Pest Inspections Brisbane

When you find yourself looking into buying a new piece of property, there’s a lot that you can do to save yourself some time and money down the road – a good building and pest inspection is one of them.

There are hundreds of structural things or underlying issues that could become pressing issues when the last thing you need is something to hold you back.

Finding an expert in this field can be hard, but it’s also not impossible, either.

Pre Purchase Inspection

Getting a pre-purchase inspection of the home you’re looking into buying isn’t a bad idea as it can help if you need to negotiate the home price after making an initial offer.

Many house sales are conditional on a successful building inspection – this can be your safety net to escape and dodgy house.

Invest in a Quality Building Inspector

A good Building inspector will become your greatest tool and you need to use them to your full advantage. Before you pay for your inspection, you need to look good and hard into the inspector that you’re paying for.

Look at their ratings and make sure they do a good job. Did they do a thorough inspection?

Local Building Inspections

If you get a local inspector, there’s a better chance they’ll know more about the building structure and the overall area of the building’s location.

Overall, the choice of what and who you pick when it comes to investing in a future home is ultimately up to you buy use your good judgement and always ensure that your inspector is fully licenced and insured.