Brisbane Inner City Suburbs Lead the Queensland Housing Market Resurgence

Brisbane Inner-City suburbs lead the Queensland housing market resurgence. The last few years has seen an increased in café and pub culture in Queensland as trends from Sydney and Melbourne slowly make their way north.

This, coupled with a growing number of young professionals in the state and inner city living is looking attractive for more and more Queenslanders.

With 2014 seeing a general climb in Brisbane’s property market, it is the inner city suburbs whose value is rising at the greatest rate.

There are dozens of examples of suburbs that are showing strong signs for investment potential.

Close to the CBD, New Farm and Newstead are continuing to develop and prices are continuing to climb. With the popularity of such inner city living looking like it will only increase in the future, you can have confidence in tenant demand.

Property analysts Herron Todd White (HTW) are tipping that you could be looking at a 4.5% gross rental yield with good capital gains if you land a property in the $500,000 range.

A key indicator of the strength of the market is the booming apartment construction industry which has investors from Sydney and Melbourne showing interest.

The Brisbane City Council has also suggested that it wants to increase the height restrictions in the CBD. Whereas the current benchmark is set at 274m, that could be increased to up to 350m in some areas. The BCC has also suggested that the change to earn the city upwards of $600 million.

As the upper end price brackets continue to rise, affordability becomes harder to find. Properties under $400,000 for example are making up a smaller percentage of the market.

Gen Yer’s and young families are looking towards inner city living, with three bedroom apartments in areas such as Albion, Hamilton, Ascot and Clayfield having increasingly high demand.

Public transport and access to education also continue to be important factors. Likewise with an expected increase in 130,000 CBD based employees over the next two decades, homeowners will scramble to stake claim on areas with close proximity to the CBD.