Brisbane's Inner City Change | Building and Pest Inspections Brisbane

March 24, 2015 By

Inner city Brisbane suburbs have undergone a change as more Brisbane families embrace apartment living. It was once for the double earners and no kid bracket, but times have changed. The inner city suburbs have so much to offer now.

Places like Teneriffe, New Farm , West End, Kelvin Grove and Bowen Hills are now becoming a haven for families. More families are choosing to build their home in an apartment in the inner-city region.

A lot of families are saying they want to live close to work and spend less time travelling. Some choose not to even own a car as the transport system works well in Brisbane’s inner city.

The social infrastructure is important and parks double up as both outdoor entertaining and living spaces for hundreds of families. It’s really important to have good open spaces and think about young people and children so it’s safe for them to live and be entertained in these inner city suburbs.

Data from 2011 showed there were more than 2500 families living in inner-city Brisbane. During the past 4 years the number of children living in the inner city Brisbane area has seen double digit growth.

Most families agree that the most important factor in everyday apartment living was having a second living space and more storage. They also agree that once you move into a better apartment, you don’t want to move out.

Apartments with good facilities, transport and entertainment are selling very fast in suburbs like Hamilton, West End, Kelvin Grove, Kangaroo Point and New Farm.

Building and Pest Inspections Brisbane has seen a big swing towards apartment living in the inner city Brisbane suburbs and they believe they will be doing many more apartment inspections as new apartment towers continue to appear in Brisbane’s inner city.