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July 16, 2014 By

A lot of people are just discovering Newmarket. It is so close to Brisbane CBD and it has all the same amenities as upmarket Wilston. It’s also a little cheaper.

Newmarket was once overlooked but buyers are moving away from premium suburbs and finding value in areas like Newmarket & Kelvin Grove.

Demand for property in Newmarket is soaring with data showing that the inner city suburb of Newmarket is one of the state’s hottest property spots.

Ray White Real Estate Wilston said there was a massive demand for homes in Newmarket due to the availability of public transport. There’s a train station in Newmarket & also many buses going through the area to the Brisbane CBD.

Newmarket is closer to the city than suburbs like The Grange but often the value of properties in the area don’t reflect that.

Belle Property at Wilston also agrees that buyers who had not considered Newmarket before were now looking at the suburb and what it has to offer. R P Data figures show that house prices in Newmarket have risen 3.8% in the last 12 months and Unit prices in Newmarket have jumped 14.3%. The increase in buyer interest in Newmarket is also prevalent in surrounding suburbs such as Ashgrove, Alderley, Kelvin Grove, Red Hill & Bardon.

Ashgrove has also joined the top 10 ranking of suburbs that have the most people looking per listing. Ashgrove is a beautiful suburb & is always popular with young buyers with families as the suburb offers great amenities and a good variety of top rated schools in Brisbane. People are seeing the market is on the move so they are not laying their purchases.