Building and Pest Inspections Alderley

Today, property owners and investors in Alderly and surrounding areas of Queensland sometimes require accurate, thorough building and pest inspection reports performed, written and transmitted by a qualified professional quickly.

Founder’s Background

Noel Milne is well qualified to perform this type of service. He completed a carpentry and joinery apprenticeship as a teenager and then, at the age of just 23, became a licensed builder. He personally constructed 150 homes, and his companies have built some 3500. He knows and understands the building trade.

Later in his career, he served on HIA and QMBA committees introducing standards for physical barriers to replace chemical methods of termite control. He holds both Pest Technician License No. PMT 1002901912 and Building & Carpenter QBSA Reg. No. 1059467.

Noel Milne’s extensive experience in building and pest inspection fully qualifies him to evaluate and inspect your structures professionally. He explains technical issues in clear, understandable terms.

Rapid, Professional Service

Building and Pest Inspection Central uses the latest thermal imaging technology. The company offers clear, concise reports delivered via email on the same day as the inspection. A typical inspection report will encompass approximately 30 pages of material.

With extensive experience in the field, the firm can complete thorough pre-purchase, pre-auction, pre-sale, and post-sale inspections and prepare inspection and pest reports quickly, insuring that you, in turn, will gain the benefit of important information you require. Pests such as termites can significantly impact structures in the Brisbane area; before marketing property here, it makes sense to determine the status of a structure. Realtors, property managers and investors all rely upon BPIC to conduct thorough, prompt building and pest inspections.

Honest and Dependable

BPIC is fully licensed, qualified and insured. Independently owned and operated, it is backed by a highly respected Australia-wide brand. This enables the company to offer outstanding service.

Excellent Terms

Building and Pest Inspection takes pride in offering competitively priced services. Clients can pay using convenient online methods, including EFTPOS, Mastercard or Visa. Call 0-409-960-095 (mobile) for a quote today, or send an email to and you will receive a prompt, courteous response.