Can New Units and Apartments have Building Defects?

If you are like many others who are interested in a new strata project, you understandably expect that a newly constructed property would be in excellent condition and free of many defects.unit defects apartments

After all, these are properties that should be built to code and that have not suffered through the effects of normal wear and tear brought on by use, exposure to the elements and more.

However, in reality, even new buildings can be highly defective.

In fact, studies have shown that approximately 85 percent of new buildings constructed since 2000 have had defects.

More than that, approximately 75 percent of identified defects have not been fixed.

Common Issues in New Strata Projects

When you are looking at the common defects experienced in new strata projects, the defects may surprise you.

This is because many of the more common problems are rather serious in nature and may be costly for the owners to repair.

For example, common repair issues include internal water leaks, cracks in the structure of the property on the inside or outside of the property and the penetration of water from outside the building into the structure.

Some of these issues ultimately could lead to mold growth or other significant and costly repair issues beyond the initial defect.

Why the Problems Largely Have Not Been Fixed

With more than 75 percent of identified problems not yet fixed at the time of the survey, it is important to take a closer look at why the defects remain.

The fact is that there are tens of thousands of individuals located throughout the region that are impacted by these defects, and some of the defects are significant and costly.

There are two main reasons why the majority of the problems have not been fixed. The first reason relates to the control of the project no longer being in the hands of the developer or builder.

These entities may simply lack access to the property make the repairs. The other reason relates to the fact that the builders or developers do retain control and simply have failed to take action.

What Is Currently Being Done About the Quality of Housing?

The unfortunate truth is that current legislation regarding housing quality for strata projects is rather weak.

More than that, there are fewer complaints about defects than are actually reported.

Some state that the lack of strong legislation is related to the connections and political ties between builders, developers and legislators and they state that a stronger lobby force to represent the individuals residing in the units is needed.

Furthermore, those who are or have been impacted by defects need to report them to the property authorities so that they are better tracked and monitored.

Don’t Assume that a New Building is Well Constructed

It’s understandable that individuals may believe that a newly constructed property would be in great condition, but this is clearly not always the case.

It may be best to review the condition of the property more closely, including a new building, before moving in and getting a thorough building inspection from a licensed professional.

With how widespread and significant this problem is, it is also important that those who are dealing with defects log their complaints so that the magnitude of the issue is more apparent to legislators.