When do you get a Building Inspection?

If you are looking to buy a property, you will likely want to contract a building inspector to assess its’ condition. By knowing as much as possible about the property in question you can accurately budget for any necessary costs that you may have to incur.

The process is relatively simple, an inspector will come to the property and perform a building inspection, usually compiling a report also known as pre-purchase property inspection report.

A building inspection report will often come in a standard format that uses a checklist to determine the condition of the property. The depth of the report will vary depending on the size and age of the building.

When Do You Get A Building Inspection?


Before you purchase a property a building inspection is necessary for the protection of both parties involved.

If problems occur after a property is purchased this may result in legal troubles and damage to the reputations of the individuals and organisations involved.

Pre-purchase inspections are ultimately there to help you determine the long term cost of purchasing a property.

They also give you the leverage you need to adequately negotiate the cost of a property. Many sellers may be aware of the inadequacies of their property and try to push for a quick sell at a slightly reduced price.

Never rush a large financial decision such as buying a property.


If you are considering renovating your property an inspection will also likely be necessary.

In the case where there have been months or years since your last inspection, there are a multitude of factors, from general wear and tear to pest infections that may mean that your house needs repairs before your renovations can commence.

From a structural perspective, you will want to be certain that the building is completely sound.

If you are planning to use it for personal residential purposes you will want to make sure your family are safe.

Conversely if you plan to use the building for commercial purposes, the integrity of the building will safeguard you against any potential accidents and future lawsuits.

Structural weaknesses can result in accidents and injuries that would otherwise have been avoidable.

An inspector will help you make sure your building conforms to legal building codes. Note that choosing a building inspector is an important decision.

You will want to hire someone who is professional and has a decent reputation.

Word of mouth is often the best reference when it comes to hiring professionals, however if this isn’t possible, try and ask the building inspectors for testimonials from their previous clients.

Ultimately whilst hiring a building inspector may seem tedious and costly, in the long run it is an invaluable decision.

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