Need a Building Inspections For Your Units or Apartment? | Brisbane

Whilst your impression of its aesthetics, location and how spacious it is may be what immediately comes to mind, the structural integrity of the property and the prevalence of pests are two fundamental criteria that need to be considered.

Units and Apartments are usually built by Multiple Sub Contractors

In the construction phase of properties there are often multiple subcontracting teams that do their job without regards for other teams and systems that come before or after them.

In a haste to make a good impression, corners can be cut and deadlines rushed.

This results in everything from leaky roofs to faulty electrical systems and is far from uncommon.

The newer the property, the less time the owner has had to recognise and repair the potential flaws.

Why Should You Get a Building Inspection for Your Unit or Apartment?

When assessing a building prior to purchase, you are not only giving yourself a more accurate valuation of the property. You are also allowing yourself the time and flexibility needed to repair what may needed to be repaired before you move in.

In addition to this you are putting yourself in a position to fix defects before they worsen and cost you thousands of dollars.

On the flip side, if you are putting your unit up for purchase, you will want to make sure you are aware of any structural deficiencies that you may have previously been unaware of.

This allows you to cover your bases as far as potential buyers are concerned as they will more than likely look for a third party to conduct a building inspection on their behalf.

Should You get a Pest Inspection for Your Unit or Apartment?

Pest inspections function largely like building inspections in that an independent inspector will come and assess your property usually during the day.

Building and Pest Inspections Brisbane offer both building and pest inspections at the same time.

It is not uncommon to assume that because you occupy a unit, you are less likely to have pest problems than someone who lives in a house which is exposed to the outdoors.

The reality is that different pests can thrive in difference environments.

Also, remember that when you live in a house, you can control the cleanliness of the property and the likelihood of allowing things that may attract pests to be left around.

Unfortunately with a unit you are not able to control the habits of others that live in the building.

You may have a neighbour who has attracted a cockroach infestation and put your unit at risk without you even knowing it.

This means that ultimately, pest infestations prior to purchase and sale as well as semi-regular check ups, are very necessary.

Ultimately, building and pest inspections are relevant for your unit regardless of your situation.

Contact Building and Pest Inspections Brisbane building and pest inspections today and ensure you are aware of any structural deficiencies or pest problems that you may have and cover the value of your property today.