Personal Touch Option Offered To Brisbane Apartments

February 16, 2017 By

When purchasing a new apartment, buyers expect to be given a choice on the colour scheme but what if the options on offer could be expanded further?

Brisbane-based developers are now offering buyers the opportunity to work with architects to modify elements of apartment floor plans to suit a specific style or taste.

Usually in the $1-5 million range, these flexible apartments allow buyers to have personal touches added to the property before they move in.

Glittering gem on the Gold Coast

The Astoria apartments, by Reed Property Group on the Gold Coast, are being built with a neutral central space that can be redesigned as a wine cellar, bar or library.

Reed CEO Jay Emmerton says buyers that have shown an interest in Astoria know what they want and come with an expectation that plans can be altered.

There are only 16 apartments in the 13-storey building and nine of those are four-bedroom apartments with the option to alter the central room.

He says after buyers have expressed an interest in one of the apartments they are given the opportunity to meet with the designers Arqus to discuss customisation options.

“We know that buyers in this market are quite specific with their designs and we want to give them a service that they’re after,” Emmerton says.

“We’ve created flexibility in our design and we know that the 16 people that buy here are going to be quite specific with what they want.”

Emmerton says adding a bar has been the most popular request for the central room so far, with many interested buyers citing entertaining at home as a top priority.

Interest has mostly come from empty nesters who live near the Brisbane River and may have recently sold a larger house.

Sky mansion on the Brisbane River

Banc, a boutique block to be built on the Brisbane River, will have a penthouse apartment with almost 450sqm of floor space that can be customised.

The buyer will work with the award-winning WMK Architecture and SJB Interiors to customise the design of the penthouse, at no additional cost.

The original floor plan includes five bedrooms, three ensuite bathrooms plus a shared bathroom and guest powder room, open plan living and a private lift.

Russell Grady, from WMK Architecture, says the buyer will be able to redesign the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms.

“They might want six bedrooms or eight bedrooms. We’ve got a few restrictions to make sure the building works in union, but generally we can accommodate everything.”

Grady says the building is aimed at owner-occupiers and offers a point of difference in the market.

“The floor plan is larger than most houses in Brisbane,” Grady says.

Grady says customising apartments will become more of a trend as buyers at the high-end of the market want a home that reflects their needs.

“It’s just the tip of the iceberg for luxury residential to be able to customise homes,” he says

“Everybody wants a unique home. Brisbane is much more unit-oriented development, but they’ll still want that personal touch that we’ve always traditionally had in the house.

“I’d like to see it go beyond luxury (development) but that’s probably a bit of a stretch.”

Credits: Developers to customise high-end apartments