Say No To Six-Storey Property Developments In Newmarket

March 16, 2015 By

Aveo is proposing a six storey property development in the leafy, low density pocket of inner city suburb of Newmarket.

Aveo wants to bulldoze 75 ground level unobtrusive retirement villas in Free St., Newmarket & replace them with 300 apartments  in  new Buildings up to six storeys on top of 2 levels of carparking.

Aveo needs a rezoning of this designated low density, Character Newmarket waterway catchment that adjoins Ashgrove, Red Hill & Kelvin Grove.

Understandably neighbours are very unhappy with any changes to their beloved Newmarket suburb.

Newmarket people will fight this proposal not only for Newmarket but also for any future similar developments in surrounding  inner city suburbs. Allowing this development in Newmarket will set a precedent for high rise developments in neighbouring  low density residential areas. Newmarket  residents cannot afford to be complacent.

This development will mean:

A massive increase of traffic directly past the Newmarket primary school, daycare & Aged care centre, endangering vulnerable children & elderly residents.

8 years of construction with hundred of vehicles clogging quiet residential  Newmarket streets. There is only 1 way in & out of the quite Newmarket pocket & 1 set of traffic lights.

Environmental degradation of local creeks & wildlife habitats is also a major concern for Newmarket.

Aveo is pushing ahead with plans, but Newmarket residents are very against this development proposal in suburban Newmarket.