Is Apartment Living the New Aussie Dream?

Can Guess what the fastest growing demographic in Australia is? Well it isn’t families with small children. It’s households with a single person who is looking for a fabulous apartment instead of a single family home. A few years ago, many of the growing demographic was families looking for detached homes with a yard for […]

Brisbane Apartment Development In Full Swing

Urbis, a professional consulting firm that works within Australia dealing with property and communities has reported that for the first time, construction and purchases of pending projects on the southern side of Brisbane beat those on the northern side. Based on an Apartment Insights Report by Urbis, there are an estimated 18 projects and 4,277 […]

Brisbane’s Inner City Change

Inner city Brisbane suburbs have undergone a change as more Brisbane families embrace apartment living. It was once for the double earners and no kid bracket, but times have changed. The inner city suburbs have so much to offer now. Places like Teneriffe, New Farm , West End, Kelvin Grove and Bowen Hills are now […]