Termite Inspections Brisbane

Having termites inside of your home is one of the worst pests you can run into. While there are all sorts of other pests that can infest your home, these are actually going to cause significant structural damage to the inside of the house, which in turn can cost tens of thousands of dollars in […]

Termite Inspections in Newmarket

Newmarket Soccer club has suffered significant termite damage.   The Newmarket clubhouse has undergone major repairs & the Newmarket club was forced to drop almost half of its junior teams while repairs were done. Newmarket Soccer club is looking forward to rebuilding its junior teams with a  new Clubhouse after termites put a stop to […]


There are many species of termites in South east Queensland but the West Indian type are highly destructive. Termites that cause damage to Brisbane houses, buildings, furniture and fences are either dry-wood termites or  subterranean termites.   Native drywood termites are common in the sapwood of house stumps & can enter the timber flooring from […]

Protection of Buildings from Subterranean Termites

Compliance with Building Regulations It’s a requirement of the Building Code of Australia, in relevance with the Australian Standards AS 3660, that all properties must be in compliance with the protection options utilised for protection in the form of physical barriers or resistant materials against termites.Individuals have two basic options and these are as follows: […]