Is Apartment Living the New Aussie Dream?

Can Guess what the fastest growing demographic in Australia is? Well it isn’t families with small children. It’s households with a single person who is looking for a fabulous apartment instead of a single family home. A few years ago, many of the growing demographic was families looking for detached homes with a yard for […]


Queensland’s love affair with real estate is swinging towards a growing affinity for Unit living with new figures showing the number of new projects has more than doubled in the past 3 years. This can be seen with the number of cranes in the skies of Brisbane inner city. Unit living in Brisbane is proving […]

Glut Of Units Is Forecast For Brisbane Inner City Suburbs

Property economists have predicted that Brisbane inner-city suburbs will ride out an Apartment market downturn, which is expected to hit next year. After the GFC there was a huge lack of Apartments being built so consequently the demand was greater than the supply of new Apartments. When conditions started to improve all the developers jumped […]

Unit Owners Make a Move As Buyer Demand Peaks in Inner City Brisbane

There has been a lot of talk about strong demand for inner city units lately and it is not surprising to see some high quality listings coming on the market. Unit buyers are seeing many new Unit developments finishing in Brisbane City ,Bowen Hills, Teneriffe, Newstead, New Farm and Kelvin Grove. Unit buyers are shying […]

Should I get a Building and Pest Inspection for my Unit?

Investing in a unit is never a decision that should be taken lightly. Whilst your impression of its aesthetics, location and how spacious it is may be what immediately comes to mind, the structural integrity of the property and the prevalence of pests are two fundamental criteria that need to be considered. Building Inspections For […]