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March 23, 2014 By

Newmarket Soccer club has suffered significant termite damage.

The Newmarket clubhouse has undergone major repairs & the Newmarket club was forced to drop almost half of its junior teams while repairs were done.

Newmarket Soccer club is looking forward to rebuilding its junior teams with a  new Clubhouse after termites put a stop to the club functioning for the past 16 months.

Newmarket’s Club Management Committee said the club went from 30 junior teams in 2011 to 17 teams in 2013.

The Newmarket club lost access to most of the Building in September 2012 after  termites ate into 75 % of the floor & ceiling.

Extensive rejuvenation of the building & grounds is now complete so the Newmarket Soccer club is now hoping to come back bigger & better.

Brisbane City Council has also closed the wooden shelter next to the tennis courts at Kalinga Park, Clayfield due to termite damage.

It has been deemed unsafe due to termite damage to the structure & support beams.

, Brisbane, Building & Pest Inspections advises their clients to have

regular checks for termites especially if there has been any past activity.