There are many species of termites in South east Queensland but the West Indian type are highly destructive.

Termites that cause damage to Brisbane houses, buildings, furniture and fences are either dry-wood termites or  subterranean termites.


Native drywood termites are common in the sapwood of house stumps & can enter the timber flooring from there. Renovators beware!

Drywood termites can survive and reproduce using the moisture in the wood to feed on and they do not need contact with the soil.

In particular the drywood termite infests hoop pine flooring previously infected with the Queensland pine beetle.


The introduced West Indian drywood termite is the most destructive  & causes much damage to homes in Queensland.

Subterranean termites usually live in the ground and need contact with the soil or a constant source of water unlike the drywood termites.


Fire ants are dangerous imported pests that could spread to large areas of Australia and severely damage the environment.

The Queensland Government has eradication programs in place.


Noel Milne from BPI Brisbane Central Building and Pest Inspections regularly comes across pest damage and live termites in his inner city Brisbane inspections.

Noel gives clients advice if on site but otherwise if they are not present he will put good advice & recommendations in his detailed report.